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What Nonprofit Board Members Should Know About Nonprofit Accounting

7 min read Being selected to serve on a nonprofit board is not just an honor, a networking opportunity, and another line item on your resumé- it's a real responsibility. Key Takeaways Understand the Importance of ...

12 Tips For Executive Directors To Increase Online Donations

7 min read For many nonprofits, the pandemic lockdowns forced the majority of their events, communication, and fundraising efforts online. Key Takeaways ...

How To Prepare Your Nonprofit for the New Year

5 min read It might be hard to believe, but 2022 is winding down and the new year is approaching fast.

Top 10 Tips for New Executive Directors

8 min read Whether you're a first-time-ever executive director or it's your first time acting as an executive director at a new organization, your new ...

7 Management And Board Reports Nonprofits Should Be Looking At

6 min read Financial management and management reporting are not widely understood – not even among for-profit business leaders.

Reporting Rules For Nonprofit- State By State

6 min read Nearly every nonprofit (at least those registered as nonprofit corporations) is required to file certain documents and maintain their ...

How to Manage Cash Flow in a Nonprofit

10 min read You probably knew you were signing up for a difficult job when you first got involved with your nonprofit. However, you might not have ...