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Micromanagement May Be Destroying Your Business

10 min read   Micromanagement is one of the most toxic management styles that business leaders can use. It rarely has a positive impact on business.

Culture in a Nonprofit – You Need It Too!

7 min read   Nonprofit missions are typically outward-focused. As a result, you probably have 100% of your attention, time, and energy focused on donors ...

What Risk Management Is and Why It's Important

7 min read   In life, we encounter and assess risk all the time. In fact, for human beings, risk assessment and risk-taking are somewhat second-nature ...

How to Prepare Your Company for Ongoing Change

8 min read Coming out of the pandemic and global lockdowns, businesses have faced no shortage of unexpected challenges that started with not only copious ...

Why Your Company Should Sponsor Volunteer Activities

6 min read Sponsoring employee volunteer activities (i.e. allowing your employees to participate in volunteer activities while they are on the clock) ...

The Top CEO Books for Executives to Read in 2022

7 min read Being a successful business leader requires much more than good instincts.

Is a Four-Day Workweek Good for my Business?

10 min read The mainstream buzz around the concept of a four-day workweek first gained steam in 2019 when Microsoft Japan reported experiencing a 40% ...