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Joe Aikens

CEO, JTAM Engineering

"We were profitable the first month and I knew it because my accounts and books were clean and I could understand where the money was coming from and going to."

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Eduardo Santos

Accounts Manager, SafeKick

"Having a company that we know that's all you guys do, that's your expertise, that's your bread and butter. We know that it will be done properly. Forgetting any financial benefits, just the worry would be enough to justify it."

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Peta Hoyes

COO, Tag1

“GrowthForce helped our financial manager get the daily tasks done right...enabled us to be able to scale...and more importantly gain insight into our numbers which was a significant evolution in our path as a small business. 

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Andy Cauthen

President, PlanNet Marketing

It's extremely efficient and it's value-ridden for us because for the money that we pay GrowthForce and what we get, is just ... it far exceeds anything we could expect out of hiring a staff of people to do the same thing. 

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Allan Weatherford

President, Liberty Pipeline Services

“The accounting reports I get and make decisions on are very, very accurate. I now have a team of accountants that I can go to and ask questions about my financial reports, to help understand them better and to get some ideas on how I might be able to tweak the company to improve profitability.”

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