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Pivot To Profit

Struggling to hit your profitability goals? There are only 3 ways businesses can increase profits.

Join Stephen King, CPA, and a dynamic repeat Inc. 500 speaker, as he discusses his strategy for growing profitability throughout (and beyond) inflationary times.

He’ll share 40 years’ experience of helping businesses improve performance, profitability, and growth.



Accounting services for businesses and nonprofits


15 Ways to Improve Cash Flow In Your Business

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. If you have a good business model and you’re great at managing cash, your company will be successful. If you’re not skilled at managing cash, even if you have a good business model, you'll likely wind up being a statistic.

Join Stephen King, CPA, and a dynamic repeat Inc. 500 speaker, as he discusses how to gain efficiency and peace of mind using best practices of cash flow management.

Just making a profit isn’t enough to guarantee long-term success – whether you have a $1MM or a $50MM business - a good cash flow strategy must be implemented to improve cash flow management in your business and ensure sustainable growth.

Cash Flow

Nonprofit Challenges In A New World

Nonprofits are harder to run than for-profits and the pandemic made it even harder. Having done both, King knows firsthand the important advantages of having numbers tell your story and help you raise more money.

King shares a step by step method, with real stories of how it works from organizations he has helped over the past 35 years.

Learn FIVE steps every Nonprofit needs to get alignment in their organization & the board thinking strategically.


Nonprofit Webinar

Detecting, Preventing and Reducing Fraud in Your Business

Is Your Business or NonProfit Vulnerable To Fraud?

The sad reality is that it happens more often than most small business owners realize. Many CEOs of small businesses or Executive Directors of NonProfits believe they’d feel it in their gut if something were amiss. You should never rely on a system that’s based solely on trust, and you should never let relationships with trusted members of your staff affect implementation.

Separation of Duties and Internal Controls are the most important parts to reduce risk in your business, along with strict written policies and procedures.



Fraud Webinar