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When it's time to pay up, we'll make it as painless as possible.

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Accounts Payable

Paying Bills is never fun. GrowthForce does it efficiently while ensuring that you maintain control of who gets paid, and when. 

Streamline Your Bill Payment Process with our Accounts Payable Services

With our accounts payable outsourcing services, your bills can come directly to us or you scan and upload them, or FedEx them to us. Your dedicated service team will enter into a bill payment portal that is linked to QuickBooks®. You can review and approve bills on your phone, iPad or computer. 

Accurate bill coding translates into more accurate financial statements

We use technology to streamline your back office accounts payable process. We’ll scan the bills and link the scanned images to your transactions, so you have support for your auditor, tax accountant or anyone who needs to see the bills. We’ll also respond to vendor inquiries and process employee expenses.

Scanned images linked to each transaction helps reduce your risk for fraud

You always stay in control with multiple levels of approval. That means it’s less likely that your office manager will pay her utility bill with your check if the invoice is attached. And, it will no longer be easy for her to write a check to herself and change the payee to AT&T if a bill needs to be attached supporting the check.

More Benefits of GrowthForce Accounts Payable Services

  • No more writing or signing checks 
  • No more postage stamps
  • No more calls from vendors asking when they are getting paid - let us take those calls and escalate to you as needed