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How To Write A (Successful) Press Release For Your Business

8 min read When was the last time you saw a business featured in the news? Odds are you've seen news media about Apple's latest iPhone release, Open AI's advancements with large language models, Rupert Murdoch's ...

Why Profits Don't Equal Cash Flow

8 min read When small business owners get their monthly financial statements, their eyes quickly focus on the bottom line of the income statement.

How to Know If Your Engineering Firm Needs CFO Services

9 min read Some small engineering firms can get by with just the back-office essentials: a sound, secure, and efficient bookkeeping and accounting system ...

A Fundraising Appeal: When Does Your Nonprofit Need One?

6 min read Most donors understand that nonprofit organizations are always open for donations – even if your donor communications do not always ...

How Much Should My Architecture Firm Pay for Controller Services?

6 min read A business's back office has many moving parts, and each piece must operate within a sound framework to function properly.

Piercing the Corporate Veil: Understanding the Risks of Commingling Funds

7 min read Protecting personal assets is a fundamental reason many entrepreneurs opt to form a corporation or LLC. This safeguard, known as the corporate ...

QuickBooks® Online vs Desktop: Which Is Best for My Architecture Firm?

8 min read When running a business today, it's nearly impossible - and definitely not recommended - to manage your back office with manual bookkeeping and ...