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Grant Tracking Problems And How To Fix Them

5 min read Nonprofit grants are booming- and at a record rate. While grants fuel your nonprofit to do more good, if you don’t have proper processes in ...

Two Steps to Having Highly Effective Virtual Meetings

6 min read Meetings. With your plate already overflowing, they can either be the peak or pit of your day. And on top of that- over the past year, business ...

Automation Trends That Will Reshape Your Back Office

9 min read Calculators, number 2 pencils, green lamps, ledger books, and giant filing cabinets: what do these things have in common? They are relics from ...

The Most Common Mistakes of Business Leaders (And What To Do Instead)

9 min read “One thing is certain in business. You and everyone around you will make mistakes.”- Richard Branson

Advisory Board vs. Board of Directors: Does My Nonprofit Need an Advisory Board?

8 min read    As any Nonprofit Executive Director knows, an effective board and your organization’s success go hand in hand. 

5 Things Smart Business Owners Do Before Making Big Decisions

8 min read    There isn’t a school or MBA program you can attend that will adequately prepare you enough for all of the responsibilities of being a ...