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What If The IRS Knocks On My Door? How To Handle An Audit Of Your Business.

7 min read   The pandemic brought on many tax changes- including the uptick in small business audits. In 2020, the IRS announced its plan to increase small business tax audits by 50% in 2021[1]. 

Major Failure in the C-Suite: CEOs Need to Take More Caution In Cybersecurity

6 min read Why is my business not making money? Why are we not able to grow? What are the problems holding us back?

25 Internal Controls to Reduce Risk in Your Business

3 min read When you have one or two people doing your books, you are putting your business at a higher risk for fraud. Many small businesses don't know ...

How to Avoid Having a Single Point of Failure in Your Business

In business, a single point of failure (SPoF) is defined as a solitary problem that leads to an entire business's demise by completely shutting down its ...

By the Numbers: What You Don't Know about Business Fraud but Should, to Save Your Business

When you think of business fraud (occupational fraud, employee fraud or internal fraud), you likely think of 50-story office buildings, world-wide ...

How Do Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Reduce Risk in My Business?

Small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits often cannot afford to hire a full-time department of in-house bookkeepers, controllers, accountants and ...

Safeguard your Business - Best Practices to Protect Against Cyber Threats

The WIDESPREAD use of new technology in the workplace has led to an increase in a new class of “cyber threats”. Understanding these threats can help ...