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Choosing GrowthForce

How do you work with us remotely?

We assign you a U.S.-based, dedicated team of bookkeepers, staff accountant and accounting manager who work from our service center in Kingwood, TX. They’ll communicate with you in many different ways including phone, email, text message and GoToMeeting, whatever works best for you.

What accounting software does GF support?

We are experts in QuickBooks & Sage Intacct accounting system design for growing businesses. We can get the most out of QuickBooks & Sage Intacct by leveraging its hidden features and integrating it with 3rd Party Tools and Apps that extend its capabilities. We’ll make sure you’re on the right version of QuickBooks & Sage Intacct for your company.

Do I still need in-house bookkeeping or accounting staff?

No. You may decide to handle certain accounting functions in-house, or we can become your complete virtual accounting department. The GrowthForce service team will need to liaison with someone on your staff however, they do not need to have accounting skills.

How long does it take to get started?

GrowthForce has a disciplined, centralized onboarding process to make sure we are efficient with your time and you benefit from the highest quality system design we have to offer. We handle your books right away! However we take the time to really understand your business and incorporate your feedback in the onboarding process. Full design and optimization of your accounting systems, policies and procedures, and reporting needs takes sixty to ninety days.

What's the difference between GrowthForce and hiring a local bookkeeping service?

With GrowthForce, you get a U.S. Based Fractional Accounting Department that delivers on-time, actionable financial intelligence and keeps you audit ready and tax ready 12 months of the year. Instead of relying on the experience, availability and technological know-how of a single person, you’ll have an entire dedicated team of professionals who are experts in small business accounting compliance.

Here are the main additional benefits of choosing GrowthForce over a local bookkeeping service:

  1. Reliable, Accurate Financial Results - You'll have a second set of eyes on every financial report we deliver, and you have access to additional expertise within our service center. And, because you're working with an entire team, you never have to worry that your accounting will suffer due to turnover, vacation, sick leave, maternity/paternity, or other paid time off. 
  2. Accounting Expertise on Demand - By working in dedicated teams, we can delegate most tasks to staff accountants and bookkeepers because they are trained and work side-by-side with experienced accounting managers. They get to know your business and bring a level of accounting best practices and knowledge that is not seen within a bookkeeping service.
  3. QuickBooks® & Sage Intacct Systems Design and Integrations - GrowthForce employees are Certified Intuit ProAdvisors with in-depth experience using third party applications that integrate with QuickBooks & Sage Intacct. Our product specialists and onboarding professionals make sure your QuickBooks or Sage Intacct file is optimized and your financial systems are set up to eliminate manual entry and to grow alongside your business. This results resulting in improved operational efficiencies and more reliable and actionable financial intelligence to help you run your business.
  4. Advanced Decision-Ready Financial Reports -  Our management accounting practices ensure you have the right financial information at your fingertips in order to make data-driven decisions, including financial reports, KPIs and company scorecards that are customized for you business and goals.

How does GrowthForce help protect me against fraud?

GrowthForce helps reduce your risk for fraud by implementing separation of duties within your accounting functions. We'll also write disciplined processes and procedures for your month-end closing and implement internal controls to help deter theft, and more quickly detect fraud should you be victimized by an employee. Learn more about how GrowthForce helps protect your business against fraud.

QuickBooks & Sage Intacct

I am not currently using QuickBooks or Sage Intacct, can you help me?

GrowthForce supports Sage Intacct and Intuit QuickBooks Desktop versions - Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, as well as Nonprofit and QuickBooks Online. If you're interested in GrowthForce, and you're willing to switch from another accounting system to QuickBooks or Sage Intacct, we can do that for you!

How will you access my QuickBooks or Sage Intacct file?

We can access your QuickBooks or Sage Intacct file remotely, either via a personal computer, a terminal server or a web based hosted service.

As my business grows, won't I outgrow QuickBooks or Sage Intacct?

QuickBooks and Intacct are powerful accounting softwares, but unfortunately, many businesses and organizations don’t set up their files correctly from the start. In addition, employees often don’t know how to use the advanced features in QuickBooks and Intacct and fail to optimize the power of their accounting systems. We are experts in designing new QuickBooks and Intacct systems and tuning up existing ones.

We are Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisors® and Intuit Solution Providers® with more than 30 years of experience in accounting system design and 20 years of experience with QuickBooks products. Whether you're just starting out with QuickBooks or Intacct or upgrading to a new version, we’ll make sure you’re set up to get the most out of this powerful, yet often under-utilized software. We'll set up and optimize your chart of accounts, classes, items, invoicing, receipts, billing, vendors, online banking, credit card accounts and more. These actions will eliminate the need for manual entries, improve the operational efficiencies, and help keep your business growing with a robust, QuickBooks or Intacct-centric financial systems. 

Nonprofit Accounting

I run a nonprofit organization - wouldn't GrowthForce services be overkill for my accounting needs? 

In reality, the opposite is oftentimes true. When it comes to accounting, nonprofits have it rough. "Fund Accounting" is hard, the 990 tax return is the worst tax return that exists, and managing an accounting department is oftentimes way outside of the executive director's core competencies. Yet, the board of directors is watching the numbers more closely than most small business owners, so you have constant pressure, in addition to some really unique fund accounting reports, development office reports, and other grant-specific requirements. 

We are passionate about helping our nonprofit clients overcome their accounting pains, and put their time and money to better use - serving their mission. Here are just six of the reasons our nonprofit clients have told us they outsource their accounting to GrowthForce:

  1. To meet board financial and IRS reporting requirements
  2. To easily manage and track funds, grants, locations, and outcomes while providing quick and easy real-time financial reporting and visibility to key stakeholders
  3. To increase productivity through the automation of manual processes
  4. To gain internal controls and separation of duties without adding employees – reduce risk of fraud, ensure compliance, and remain audit-ready twelve months a year
  5. To reduce accounting costs while improving security and accessibility to financial information
  6. To benefit from fixed Service fees – our fixed rate means there will be no more surprise costs due to turnover, ongoing training, software/hardware upgrades, or additional office space

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