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Grant Tracking Problems And How To Fix Them

5 min read Nonprofit grants are booming- and at a record rate. While grants fuel your nonprofit to do more good, if you don’t have proper processes in place, they also create additional work. 

Advisory Board vs. Board of Directors: Does My Nonprofit Need an Advisory Board?

8 min read    As any Nonprofit Executive Director knows, an effective board and your organization’s success go hand in hand. 

Raise More Money By Showing Donors the ROI of Their Gift

6 min read    One of the biggest misconceptions of the Nonprofit world is that corporations and larger foundations are the biggest givers. In fact, it’s ...

5 Tips for Nonprofit Fundraising During Times Of Crisis

10 min read    Fundraising is already tough. Fundraising during economic uncertainty? Even tougher.

Successful Fundraising for NonProfits - Advice from an expert

11 min read  Most nonprofits are using some type of dashboard to monitor and track their performance, but which metrics are actually helping you fulfill ...

Advice for Nonprofits to Help Navigate the Crisis

 8 min read  A report from the Charities Aid Foundation of America found 67.93% of NonProfits are facing a decrease in funding, and 33.97% indicated an ...

The Board Is Unhappy: How to Avoid Your Worst Nightmare as Executive Director

Running a nonprofit is way more challenging than running a for-profit business. Nonprofit leaders are faced with tighter regulations and more compliance ...