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7 Financial Reports Every Nonprofit Should Monitor

9 min read The most successful nonprofit organizations – no matter how small or large – are run just like for-profit corporations, meaning their leaders know their numbers and use data-driven decision-making to ...

The Impact of Inflation On Nonprofits

7 min read The target inflation rate which is usually regarded as normal or acceptable is 2%, according to the Federal Reserve[1]. 

The Importance of Fundraising Transparency

6 min read With about 1.8 million organizations listed as 501c3s, there are more nonprofit organizations in the United States than ever before, and the ...

How a Board of Directors Should Respond to a Crisis

9 min read  When most nonprofit missions are focused on dealing with crises that are occurring every moment of every day, nonprofit leaders can easily ...

Nonprofit Filing Requirements: What Executive Directors Should Know

5 min read  You can't get away scot-free from the IRS just because you're running a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

How Nonprofits Can Keep Raising Money in a Recession

6 min read  No one expected to navigate delicate fundraising efforts and be forced to shut down the majority of their fundraising events through a ...

What Nonprofit Board Members Should Know About Nonprofit Accounting

7 min read  Being selected to serve on a nonprofit board is not just an honor, a networking opportunity, and another line item on your resumé- it's a real ...