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From Crisis Survival To Sustainable Growth: Sentinel Builders Has Peace of Mind and Clarity In Their Numbers


Sentinel Builders Founder and President Ryan Jennings, ventured off to start his own full-service construction firm in New York City. With no previous accounting background, Ryan quickly found he was in the dark with his numbers more than he thought he'd be. As a startup, his wife was handling the books, but it wasn't long before they discussed hiring a bookkeeper with more expertise. Ryan realized he had to learn business acumen and that  both himself as well as his managers needed to understand financial management and how to use their data for decision-making. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck New York City, and Ryan’s world was flipped on its head, it was bound to be a challenging time.

An accounting professional providing advisory services was a logical next step, but outsourcing was an unfamiliar territory, and Ryan was concern they wouldn’t get the timely attention they needed. 


The immediate impact for Sentinel Builder's went beyond cleaning up the books and proper management of the bookkeeping, GrowthForce helped lift the fog from an uncertain future and reduce fear of the unknown. Clarity into the numbers and an understanding of their financial management, gave Ryan a birds-eye view of his company with numbers he could trust. The GrowthForce Cash Flow Forecasting Tool was a key component in understanding the big picture. Ryan has peace of mind knowing where they are now, and what the future looks like. Partnering with GrowthForce gave Ryan confidence to be a better leader and to know where to focus his time, on growing the business.

How we did it

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  • Optimized QuickBooks System

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Management Reports & KPIs

  • Advisory Services

  • Dedicated 2-Person Team

  • Timely Month-End Close

  • Tax/Audit Readiness

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Ryan Jennings, Sentinel Builders

Ryan Jennings


My financials used to keep me up at night. I knew what my bank account said, but I didn't know how long that was going to last. GrowthForce helped me understand how to build a budget and worked to teach me how to read and interpret my new reports. I felt the fog lifting as they helped me be a stronger leader and, overall, a better business owner.”




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