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From Basic Bookkeeping to Audit Ready, Time Saving Professional Accounting Services


Former in-house bookkeeper just did not have the competence and expertise to ensure “things got done right.” Everything was late. Audits were a nightmare. The QuickBooks Financial System was not optimized and add-on apps were not integrated.


Professional team and technology approach including documented policies and procedures ensure compliance and gives confidence that the finances are under control. Audits are now very smooth. Delivers huge time savings and allows management to focus on core issues and growth instead of accounting.

How we did it

  • Optimized QuickBooks System
  • Bill.com bill Payment Integration
  • Full-Service Team
  • Project Accounting & Job Costing
  • Management Reports & KPIs
QuickBooks, Quickbooks Online, QBO
SafeKick Guy

Eduardo Santos

Accounts Manager, SafeKick

I don't have to worry. It takes away the headspace of any worry that I might have had with the books. I know that GrowthForce is taking care of that. Which is a huge advantage. We don't have the expertise in house and that would mean bringing it in house. So having a company that we know that's all you guys do, that's your expertise, that's your bread and butter. We know that it will be done properly. Forgetting any financial benefits, just the worry would be enough to justify it.

I view you as an extension of Safe Kick. I consider you guys definitely part of our team.


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