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Accurate Reporting Catapults Nonprofit's Reach To Serve 175+ Clients and 1$ Million Surplus In Funds

Through a variety of programs and services, The Village Learning Center creates environments that help individuals with disabilities reach their maximum potential for independent living.


Starting to gain traction, The Village Learning Center was growing at rapid rate. They quickly came to the realization they couldn't continue to run operations the way they were- they needed change, and they needed it fast. 

With a revolving door of bookkeepers, The Village Learning Center was consistently receiving unreliable data. Inaccurate numbers wasn't only hurting the day-to-day operations- the time leadership spent in the back office untangling messy financials took away from focusing on serving their clients.

Reacting on their gut instincts, the Village Learning Center was about to shut down a segment of their business because they thought it wasn't raising money or producing outcomes. They would soon realize this would have been a massive mistake they wouldn't be able to pull themselves out of. 

The leadership team sought a partner to take on the day-to-day financial operations and gain insights into their numbers, so they can focus on what’s important: serving their mission


After partnering with GrowthForcethe Village Learning Center is a well-oiled, outcome-producing machine. With detailed, timely, and accurate reporting, leadership is now armed with the data they need to make impactful decisions. 

With meaning behind their financials, they are now able to use these numbers to tell a story, and show donors the ROI of their investment. This led to a higher frequency and higher average of gifts. For the first time ever, The Village Learning Center saw a $1 Million Dollar surplus in funds.

The impact was also felt in the development office. Beyond financial reporting, The Village Learning Center now tracks Unit Economics and is able to see which programs are creating the best outcomes for their clients. The finances are driving program decisions not only based on which are raising the most, but which are best utilizing the donor's money to produce outcomes. 

With GrowthForce as a partner, The Village Learning Center is now a $5 million organization that is able to serve over 175 clients. 

How we did it

  • Board & Management Reports/ KPIs
  • Dedicated Team
  • Optimized QuickBooks System
  • Audit & Tax Readiness
  • Timely Month-End Close
Kristy Conrad

Kristy Conrad

CFO, Village Learning Centers

As a Nonprofit, we’re in the trenches every day. We provide services to clients with disabilities. The most frustrating part of our job is when we have to stop what we’re doing and worry about making decisions on bad information.


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