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The Number One KPI Needed by AEC Firms

7 min read The 43rd Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Study examines industry trends and found that increased employee attrition rates (up 2% year over year) along with elevated labor costs (due to ...

Biggest Accounting Challenges (And Solutions) For Architecture Firms

7 min read Although it is not your core function, your architecture firm's bookkeeping and accounting department is like its engine. Without healthy ...

Financial vs. Management Reports: What AEC Firms Need to Know

6 min read Reporting is the primary method of recording and communicating business performance with both internal and external stakeholders. It is the ...

How to Read and Interpret Financial Reports for Your AEC Firm

7 min read You may be an AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) professional by trade, but if you're running an AEC firm, then you ...

Rising Technology Trends in the AEC Industry

6 min read Along with new and innovative technologies, business changes quickly, and the AEC industry is no exception. Key Takeaways Cloud Technology for ...

What Accounting System Is Best For Architecture Firms?

7 min read Selecting an accounting software solution for your architecture firm can be an overwhelming process.

Financial Management Tools for Architecture and Engineering Firms

9 min read Roughly 1,000 new architecture firms are established every year with a scant 25% three-year survival rate [1].