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The CEO's Guide to Keeping Score

When two companies compete in the exact same target market, with the exact same product, why is one wildly successful while the other struggles to survive?

GrowthForce has served over a thousand small businesses, and one of the most important common denominators for a CEO’s success is keeping score.  A CEO must understand how to produce and analyze KPIs, reports & scorecards about past performance to drive future results.

The Five Areas of Business Decisions

There are five main areas a CEO should be focused on where decisions need to be made. This ebook will teach you the questions that a strategic CEO should be asking and five scorecards with actionable statistics for each of these areas:

CEO Brain GrowthForce

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Clients & Services
  • People & Operations
  • Cash & Finance

In business, those actionable statistics are called: key performance indicators or KPIs. These are the predetermined, measurable drivers of the business that drive a company’s business success.

Businesses tend to lose efficiency by having too many KPIs or reports that don’t provide actionable steps to make intelligent data-driven decisions. Don’t fall into this trap – you can enlist technology to integrate your systems and get on the path to keeping track the right way. Bad reports are part of the cost of poor management reporting.

The CEO’s Guide to Keeping Score gives management a roadmap to improving a company’s bottom line.  See how you can ‘Put Your Numbers to Work’ by creating a monitoring system for leading indicators, and learn how to read your KPIs to make data-driven decisions.  

Follow this guide to get actionable financial intelligence that put your numbers to work. To learn more, download our CEO’s guide to Keeping Score below:

The CEO's Guide to Keeping Score

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