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The CEO's Guide to Increase Profits: 5 Steps to a Profitable Business


profits, profitability, and profit margins in your business

Small service business owners are typically passionate about their companies and knowledgeable about their fields of expertise. However, that passion doesn’t always translate into profitable, scalable businesses.

Many CEOs find themselves wearing so many hats and dealing with so many issues they don’t have the time or insight to address all the factors that help drive business success. This eBook aims to change that...

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Using our 5-step framework, we’re going to show you how to think strategically about how people drive performance and, as a result, profitability.

Overview-Chart.pngThe Framework

  1. How to create a strategy that gets everyone rowing in the same direction
  2. Why written goals are proven to help achieve business success
  3. What it takes to build a high performing team that gives discretionary effort
  4. What should management monitor and keep score on so the right things get done
  5. Who to recognize and When to reward the people who contribute the most to profit

Each of these steps are intertwined and synergistic with each other. As we work our way through the e-book, you’ll see how adjusting one will impact the others.

Think Strategically, Communicate Goals, and Keep Score

Defining your business strategy involves knowing what your company stands for, why customers should buy from you, and why people should come to work for you. Communicating goals to your employees provides them with a collective objective to achieve – this makes it easier to digest and mark milestones for lower-level employees over time.

The real value of keeping score is the ability to track your progress toward your objectives and see how adjusting specific KPIs will positively or negatively impact your business. Also, recognizing and rewarding high-performing employees drives productivity, enhances performance, and improves engagement—all of which ultimately benefit your bottom line.

Download The CEO's Guide to Increasing Profits [Slideshare].pdf

There’s no doubt that building a successful service business takes time and effort. That said, with this CEO’s Guide to Increasing Profits, you’ll be able to ask, consider, and ultimately answer the most important questions all successful businesses face every day.

The CEO's Guide to Increasing Profits: 5 Steps to a Profitable Business

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