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Each episode features an interview with a business leader, discussing topics like data-driven decision making, the importance of a strong team culture, getting the most out of failure, the necessity of management accounting, navigating the business lifecycle, and more, all for the purpose of helping you find your own Path to Profit.

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Episode 11: Mission First, Profit Second w/ Matthew Polega

I'm joined by Matthew Polega: Cofounder, Head of Communications & Public Policy at Mark43, a company bringing cloud-first data-driven technology to public safety use.

Matt and I discussed his experience in Engineering Science,  lateral thinking in public safety models - Using customer voices to further develop a business, investor relations at Mark4, and more. 

Episode 10: The Riches Really Are in the Niches

Your core values should dictate all of your hiring, coaching, and firing decisions. And all of your payment decisions should be based on cost of replacement. Intrigued? Listen to a headhunter about how to keep your people. In this episode, I speak with Jeremy Jenson, CEO at Encore Search Partners, about EOS, PEO, and how to treat your employees so that leaving never crosses their minds.

Episode 09: Steve's Point to Ponder: How to Fix Your Cash Flow w/ Pricing Insights

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. Let’s dive into the impact of pricing on cash flow. In this episode, your host Stephen King, President & CEO at GrowthForce, walks you through why and how to price your jobs to raise your cash flow. In this episode, you'll learn how to understand the fully loaded labor cost, how to find gross profit per team, how to identify which clients are most profitable (probably not your biggest client), and why discounts are so damaging to cash flow

Episode 08: How to apply a continuous innovation delivery model to your business for greater profit

A lot of people think that a software or service is done once it’s developed. But innovation is never done.If you want to be a strategic ongoing partner for your customers, you have to continuously meet their expectations. You have to continuously execute ideas. You have to continuously deliver. In this episode of Path To Profit, Stephen King talks with Micah Brandenburg, Founder of Micah Brandenburg Consulting, to discuss the EOS business framework, and how this subscription-based delivery model built around the concept of traction can help your business grow.

Episode 07: How to create and implement written goals for better productivity and employee engagement

Writing down goals increases the likelihood of success by 82%. It lets everyone on your team know what you’re aiming for, and helps you increase alignment. In this episode of Path To Profit, Stephen King talks with Emily Hak, District Manager at Insperity, about how leaders can set their teams up for success through the simple act of writing down and cascading written goals in their business.

Episode 06: Increasing profitability through unique value: a lesson in differentiation from YouAppi’s CEO

Moshe Vaknin increases the profitability of his clients by helping them get the most valuable users for their apps. By narrowing down his service to its unique selling proposition and concentrating the focus of employee’s energy around a single simple unifying effort, he’s made his own unique path to profit. In this episode of Path To Profit, Stephen King talks with Moshe Vaknin, Founder & CEO at YouAppi, about the decisions he made in his business that helped him increase profitability and growth.

Episode 05:How to Create a Meeting Culture that Increases Productivity and Profitability

What could company culture look like if leaders were really great meeting facilitators? What could businesses look like if their people really loved meetings? You might be thinking, “Nobody loves meetings...” But there is a way to infuse meetings with more joy to create a more connected culture and efficient workflow. In this episode of Path To Profit, Stephen King talks with Douglas Ferguson, President at Voltage Control, about how leaders can use meetings to increase the productivity of their people and the profitability of their business.

Episode 04: Money In, Money Out: How To Fix These Common Cash Flow Mistakes

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. So if you have billing, collections, or pricing problems, your business will suffer. Cash flow issues can be difficult, even annoying to manage, but at the end of the day it’s a lot easier to maintain than repair. In this episode of Path To Profit, host Stephen King makes the cash flow process easier with tips on managing the money coming in and going out of your business.

Episode 03: Preparing Your Business for Exit Planning: Factors to consider & why they matter.

It’s hard to think about selling your business in the middle of a pandemic. But it’s a very real possibility. Business owners need to start thinking now about their exit strategy, whether they plan to exit or not, and increasing their business value to prepare for what may come in 2021. In this episode of Path To Profit, Stephen King talks with Brett Dearing, Founder of Business Owners Exchange (BXO) and Head of Business Owner Advisory at Cerity Partners, about his experience working with business owners on growth and succession planning. Brett talks about his experience developing and executing action plans for transferring business.

Episode 02: 3 Ways Businesses Get Ripped Off By Dishonest Employees

Small businesses and nonprofits are more vulnerable to fraud than larger organizations, and the effects can be far more damaging. Considering potential losses, small-business owners need to make the prevention of fraud a priority in their businesses.No system of internal controls will eliminate all fraud, but GrowthForce has some tips to help you minimize that risk.

Episode 01: The Pivot To Remote Work And Why It’s Good For Your People

COVID-19 necessitated a shift from offices and resulted in an impressive spur of remote work. If remote work is going to be sustainable, it needs to become more than just work: it needs to be a conduit of culture. In this episode of Path To Profit, Stephen King talks with Andrew Jackson, founder and president of BravoTech, about how to maintain and encourage a healthy company culture in a remote environment.

Episode 0: GrowthForce’s Origin Story And The Man Behind The Business

At a young age, Stephen King’s eyes were opened to how technology can be used to reduce manual labor and help small businesses succeed. That revelation sparked an eagerness to “learn the language of business” and acquire accounting and technology skills that would allow him to help small businesses and nonprofits grow. .

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