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Each episode features an interview with a business leader, discussing topics like data-driven decision making, the importance of a strong team culture, getting the most out of failure, the necessity of management accounting, navigating the business lifecycle, and more, all for the purpose of helping you find your own Path to Profit.

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Episode 22: How Structures & Systems Help You Effectively Run Your Business

When you decide to purchase a restaurant franchise, you’re given a book on how to run it effectively. It breaks down how to approach marketing, handle finances, and run operations.

But when you’re an entrepreneur opening up your own business, no such book exists to guide you along the path to profit.

Today’s guest set out to write that playbook.

In this episode, I chat with Jeff Chastain, Founder and Business Transformation Coach at Admentus, Inc., about the lessons he learned from building a business and how he codified them into processes for other companies to follow.

Episode 21: Lessons Learned Building a $40 Million Growth Machine

Early on, many entrepreneurs learn the important lesson of making the business less about them, and more about the mission.

For today’s guest, Jacky Fischer, CEO of 3 Men Movers, that was exactly the mindset shift that sparked tremendous growth for her company. During this episode, Jacky shares the lessons she learned on her journey to building a $40 million business.

Episode 20: Crawl, Walk, Run: Pandemic Recovery Strategy in the Events Space

In 2020, you were doing $100 million in revenue with 250 employees. But then, your revenue dropped to $20 million, and you could only keep 38 employees (most at 25% of their salaries). Right after an acquisition, too.

Just a year later, you’ve recovered to $45 million (that’s 250% bounce back), and many of your employees have returned.

This is the experience of today’s guest, Ray Pekowski, Owner at The Expo Group, a 30-year-old company that’s chosen to act like a startup to recover its growth.

Episode 19: Mission First, Profit Second w/ Matthew Polega

I'm joined by Matthew Polega: Cofounder, Head of Communications & Public Policy at Mark43, a company bringing cloud-first data-driven technology to public safety use.

Matt and I discussed his experience in Engineering Science,  lateral thinking in public safety models - Using customer voices to further develop a business, investor relations at Mark4, and more. 

Episode 18: How to Grow 10-20% Per Year for a Decade

It’s strange to hear a five-time Inc. 5000 lister talk about down periods. But his company didn’t start becoming profitable for the first five years, easily. What changed? EOS. In this episode, I interview Steve Thies, CEO at Integrated Biometrics, about how persistence and EOS led him to a success that only 3% of companies can boast.

Episode 17: Searching for Patterns: How to Use Financial Statements to Your Businesses’ Advantage

How do you make decisions based on financial statements? For that matter, how do you communicate the content of financial statements so that others can make sound decisions? Join us for a discussion of the art and science of financials. In this episode, I interview Chris Williams, President and CEO at Rocaceia LLC, about how financial statements inform his business strategy. .

Episode 16: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

You’re the CEO of a mid-sized company, and you do a great job with the process of running the business. The thing you may not have a great handle on is growth. In this episode, I interview my longtime friend Art Saxby, CEO and Founder at Chief Outsiders, about how he took less than $2K and an interest in QuickBooks all the way to the largest strategic growth implementation company.

Episode 15: Tracking Key Performance Indicators to Drive Business Growth

Robin Stalanad, Master Chair at Vistage International, is a force to be reckoned with. She’s been a Vistage Chair for more than 15 years, and is a six-time award winner, putting her in the top 20 Vistage Chairs out of over 700 in the United States. In this episode, Robin sits down with our host Stephen King to discuss how companies view their metrics, what impact that makes on their business, and how tracking their KPIs allows them to make data-driven decisions.

Episode 14: Sharpen Your Profit Superpowers

Sid Trivedi, Partner at Foundation Capital, has a superpower. It’s his vast customer network matched with his high levels of cybersecurity. In this episode he shares his insight on how he uses his superpower to help B2B businesses navigate their path to profits. What we talked about: The importance of your first 10 customers, Pattern mapping, Stages and levels of sales hires, and much more!


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