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Getting Started with GrowthForce Onboarding Services

GrowthForce has a disciplined, centralized onboarding process to make sure we are efficient with your time and you benefit from the highest quality system design we have to offer. So that each new client experiences the best that GrowthForce has to offer, we limit the number of new clients we take on each month.


Five Steps for Getting Started:

1. Schedule Kick Off Call

During your first call, your GrowthForce onboarding team will present your cloud based project plan, which includes a detailed workflow layout and timeline for each phase that will take you from onboarding to recurring services. We’ll provide a checklist of the materials we will need to get started. A typical list may include bank and loan statements, income tax returns, sales and payroll tax returns, equity schedules, fixed asset schedules, etc. When necessary, we may require information from your CPA, bank or lawyer.

2. Prepare for Implementation

We understand it may take a few days to weeks to gather the necessary information, so your onboarding team will get to work organizing software and integrating with third party applications so everything is ready to start on time.

3. System Design Phase

Our onboarding experts will apply accounting and industry best practices when building your system and designing your reporting capabilities. First, we’ll analyze your current state to define processes and roles so we can quickly identify inefficiencies. Then, we’ll flow chart the desired Smart Back Office and document weekly and monthly checklists to ensure a consistent, disciplined month-end close process. We’ll also provide you with a list of questions for consideration, such as what reports you'd like to see on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Some clients have very specific requests and others aren’t sure where to begin, in which place your team will provide expert guidance on where to begin. Either way, you can expect a thoughtful process to make sure your system is flexible, scalable and robust enough to meet the changing needs of your growing business.

4. Liaison Training

Whether you rely on us to become your entire accounting department or you maintain an in-house bookkeeper to handle a portion of your bookkeeping tasks, your dedicated GrowthForce service team will provide the necessary liaison training to go over the various features and functions of your Smart Back Office, such as how to enter and access information or run automated reports. We will also answer any questions about getting started and discuss your communication preferences.

5.  Begin Recurring Services

Once we complete the system design, implementation and training phases, we will start processing your accounting. 
After your service team runs the first month’s preliminary financials, we will schedule a call with you to review, and if necessary, make changes before re-running the financials. It typically takes 90 days for everything to be fully in place, your dedicated team and liaison to be trained, and your entire system and team to begin working like a well-oiled machine. Every client is unique, so your specific timeline will be reflective of your needs and wherever possible, accommodate your urgencies.