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How Detailed Reporting Helped YouthSpeaks  Power Forward and Raise $850,000, Despite Covid-19  Setbacks

YouthSpeaks seeks to empower the younger generation by providing a safe space for those with limited access to develop their intellectual and artistic voice.


Growing rapidly, YouthSpeaks quickly expanded to 13 staff and 11 board members. It wasn't long after when they realized they needed support in managing the complex accounting of a Nonprofit.

YouthSpeaks needed an accurate and efficient way to manage their financials that could scale throughout the peaks and valleys of an uncertain future. YouthSpeaks sought a partner that could handle the intricate financial needs of a Nonprofit, so they can focus on what’s important: fulfilling their mission. 


After working with GrowthForceYouthSpeaks now has detailed and accurate reports that gives them confidence to move forward with decision making. Executive Director Cristy Limon walks into boardrooms with confidence, knowing that she has all the financial data she needs to have strategic, positive, and focused conversation.

Their detailed and accurate financial reporting GrowthForce provides, helps YouthSpeaks determine where to invest assets and resources – currently raising $2 million to build out their very own long-term affordable location in San Francisco! This will prevent the displacement of their Nonprofit organization, and allow them to focus on what's important: delivering programs and services to young people in a community that are in danger of displacement. 

YouthSpeaks is now able to accurately articulate their financial story of stability and growth to their foundation partners. In eight months, they've raised almost $850,000 by sharing their financial success and long-term stability story. 

How we did it

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  • Optimized QuickBooks System
  • Board & Management Reports/ KPIs
  • Audit & Tax Readiness
  • Dedicated Team
  • Timely Month-End Close
Cristy Limon

Cristy Limon

Executive Director, YouthSpeaks

“Our GrowthForce team is a really amazing group of folks. It feels like I'm talking to additional staff that are there to support our mission. I don't think I've ever experienced that working with any other bookkeeper or CPA. They make us feel like we are their only client.” 



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