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Working at GrowthForce

Working at GrowthForce



Our People 

We have a long held belief that when the company takes care of employees - employees will take care of clients. Employees at GrowthForce are dedicated professionals who share a commitment to taking care of clients and changing the way small and medium size businesses run their financial operations.

Our Culture 

We think our environment should be fun and a place where employees enjoy coming to work. Our SMART Values are the foundation for how we operate and make decisions everyday.

We’re intellectually curious. Having a high IQ isn’t enough to manage the complexity of our business. Having the EQ (emotional quotient) and CQ (curiosity quotient) to ask the right questions leads to producing solutions that drive our business forward.

We get into our client’s business. By getting to know each client’s business intimately, customizing our services to meet their needs, and producing excellent quality work we become a partner, not just a vendor.

We do what we say and we say what we mean. We hold ourselves accountable to each other, our clients, and our strategic partners to do the job we say we’re going to do, and to do it when we say we’ll get it done.  

We develop innovative solutions. By continually building our expertise and soliciting input from clients, we anticipate business needs and develop solutions to problems before they happen. We’re not afraid of the failure that comes with trying new things as long as we fail fast, and don’t make the same mistake twice.  

We work well with others. We communicate in an open, honest and respectful manner. We share knowledge, offer assistance and work cooperatively to lift the success of our team above individual interests.