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Marsha Gibb

Director of Client Onboarding

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Marsha is dedicated to ensuring each new client is equipped to receive the full potential from their accounting system and GrowthForce team. As Onboarding Director, Marsha’s focus is on the design, set up and integration of each client’s QuickBooks-centric financial system. During onboarding, Marsha creates a detailed documentation and workflow of the various accounting and reporting processes to guarantee a seamless hand-off to client services.  Marsha has been with GrowthForce since the early days, and has built a solid reputation based on her extensive QuickBooks expertise, her deep knowledge of industry-specific key performance indicators, and her quick problem-solving and documentation abilities. Her vast industry and accounting software and applications experience comes from serving hundreds of clients in both onboarding and services over the last ten years. 

When she’s not analyzing a client’s accounting system or researching new applications, Marsha enjoys practicing TaeKwonDo and boating at her parent’s lake house with her husband and two young sons.

Education and Certifications:
BS in Accounting, Sam Houston State
Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Bill.com Guru
QuickBooks Online Certified