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The Secret To Successful Fundraising 

 Put Your Numbers to Work Podcast

Guest: Roger Craver,  Co-Founder of DonorVoice


In the latest episode of the Put Your Numbers To Work Podcast, GrowthForce CEO Stephen King, sat down for a discussion about successful fundraising with Roger Craver, Co- Founder of Donor Voice and Author of Retention Fundraising: The New Art and Science of Keeping Your Donors for Life. During their conversation, Craver shares the secrets to fundraising successand how nonprofits should use their numbers to tell their story (and raise money). 

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The Agitator: The Agitator is for direct marketing fundraisers and non-profit execs and boards. bringing you the latest data on donor trends, white papers and case studies on philanthropy, direct mail & online fundraising successes, and more. 

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