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Nonprofit Spotlight: Empowering Human Trafficking Survivors To 'Break The Cycle'


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Survivor Ventures Nonprofit Spotlight

In 2020 alone, there were over 10,000 reports of human trafficking to the U.S National Human Trafficking Hotline  - and these numbers are likely only a fraction of the actual data. [1]

To their detriment, human trafficking survivors are often left with serious mental or emotional health consequences such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Survivor Ventures was founded to change that. By providing the necessary support and resources, Survivor Ventures aims to fill the enormous gap in economic opportunity for survivors of human trafficking- in some cases even succeed in turning survivors into entrepreneurs.

Who They Are

Survivor Ventures was founded in 2018 to help fill the major gap in economic opportunity for survivors of human trafficking. The organization hypothesizes that a trauma-informed approach to employment may be the most critical service required to reduce recidivism rates. As a Virginia-based organization, the state of Virginia is one of only six states in the USA that has not enacted criminal record relief legislation for trafficking survivors. Survivor Ventures aims to put an end to this cycle of homelessness, poverty, and incarceration. 

Their Mission & How They Fulfill It...

In the Hampton Roads area, survivors are often jailed for their role as a victim in trafficking. Upon release, they are left without safe shelter, and survivors are unable to sustain employment- they are highly likely to cycle through the stages of homeless, victimization, addiction, and jail once again.

Survivor Ventures believes economic empowerment is the key to breaking this cycle. Not only do they help create economic opportunities for victims, but they also partner with small business owners to create unique employment opportunities that offer above minimum wage payments for victims. Through their rental assistance, vocational training & education, and trauma-informed employment, survivors are able to have a second chance and get back on their feet. 

Their Programs...

Rental AssistanceNonprofit Rental Assistance

Survivor Ventures' rental assistance program empowers participants to make successful transitions into permanent housing. They use private rental agencies to provide the housing and use individual donations and grant funding to lease units.

Learn more about this Survivor Ventures program  👉 here.


Trauma-Informed Employment

Survivor Ventures Employment AssistanceSmall business owners are carefully vetted and selected based on specific criteria developed to ensure a trauma-informed work environment. Their program also offers on-site job coaching and intensive community treatment.




Vocational Training and EducationSurvivor Ventures Training

Through providing stipends, Survivor Ventures help survivors afford to take advantage of scholarships to further complete job skills and vocational training programs.



Survivors to Entrepreneurs4-Feb-10-2022-06-56-08-55-PM

Survivor Ventures harnesses the talents of the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated survivors of sex trafficking and redirects them towards self-employment. Survivors create a vetted business plan and are connected with local entrepreneurial resources such as co-working spaces, business seed grants, and more.


What's Next? How You Can Get Involved...

Support Survivor Ventures' mission and start helping human trafficking victims break the cycle!

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To learn how we work with this organization >>> Read the Case Study

[1] https://bedbible.com/research-sex-trafficking-statistics/

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