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Breaking through the nonprofit challenges in today's world...

Nonprofits are harder to run than for-profits (and the pandemic made it even harder!) Having done both, King knows firsthand the importance of having accurate data and actionable reporting for better decision-making.
King shares the step-by-step method, with real stories of how it works from organizations he has helped over the past 35 years.

Five steps every Nonprofit needs to get alignment in their organization & the board thinking strategically.


Stephen King

CPA, CGMA, Founder & CEO GrowthForce

Steve spent seven years working for Amnesty International USA. There he spent four years as Chief Financial Officer managing the organization’s 300% growth after U2, Bruce Springsteen and Peter Gabriel completed the Human Rights Now! tour and then honed his fundraising skills as its Director of Development, raising over $20M a year.

His time at Amnesty reinforced Steve’s life-long commitment to giving back to the community through charitable causes. Stephen has been a dedicated board member of many nonprofit organizations, helping them with their finances and fundraising.
GrowthForce Accounting for Nonprofits
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  • Step 1: Which OUTCOMES best further the mission
  • Step 2: Analyze the ECONOMICS
  • Step 3: Make Big Decisions With DATA
  • Step 4: Revise the PLAN
  • Step 5: Raise more MONEY