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The One Page Scorecard

The One Page Scorecard

Drive performance and profitability using just these six KPI charts for SMBs. 

ebook_2_large.pngThere are many different reports, ratios and KPIs that you can use to understand your business. You know the drivers of your business best. These 6 will help any business that makes money on other people's time. 

In This Guide:

  • Explains the relationship between People and Profitability
  • Reveals how Profits are Impacted by People 
  • How you can use these charts to increase Productivity 

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"Frankly, GrowthForce is the accounting package that I had been looking for, for a long time. I needed the internal controls, the checks and balances, and the quality assurance that GrowthForce has provided to me. I needed the financial reports and dashboard reports. It was a bundled service, and provided at a very reasonable range. There was really no hesitation, and instantly after signing, we saw drastic improvement."
Allan Weatherford
President, Liberty Pipeline Services