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The CEO's Guide to Reducing Fraud

The CEO's Guide to Reducing Fraud

Is your business vulnerable to occupational fraud?

The sad reality is that it happens more often than most small business owners realize.

Why? One reason is that many CEOs of small businesses believe they’d feel it in their gut if something were amiss.

You should never rely on a system that’s based solely on trust, and you should never let relationships with trusted members of your staff affect implementation.

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • The Six Most Common Fraud Scenarios
  • Building a System of Internal Controls
  • Using a Checklist for Fraud Prevention
  • Setting up an Anonymous Hotline
  • Creating Separation of Duties, and more...

Download The CEO’s Guide to Reducing Fraud, to help you understand how to implement the necessary steps to detect, reduce, and ultimately prevent fraud. 

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