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Cloud Hosted QuickBooks for Non-Profits


Non-profit organizations operate on tight budgets. As a result, ensuring overhead is taken care of usually takes precedent over other initiatives, such as hardware and software upgrades. A simple way that non-profits can keep costs low while also benefiting from enterprise level IT and financial system support is to use a QuickBooks Hosted Provider. Here are four ways a QuickBooks Hosted Solution helps non-profits better utilize their budgets.

Saves on Software Upgrades

With a QuickBooks Hosted Solution, non-profits are able to implement an organization-wide QuickBooks system without the up-front costs of a full QuickBooks license. When you use a Hosted QuickBooks Solution, your monthly service fee includes the cost of the license for QuickBooks. This is important for non-profits, as many have to allocate funds each year, if not every other year, to purchase the upgrades to their QuickBooks systems. To cut costs, some non-profits continue using outdated and unsupported versions of QuickBooks, which limits their functionality and increases risk for errors. A QuickBooks Hosted Solution provides non-profits with access to the most up to date QuickBooks at all times.

Reduces Wear and Tear on IT Infrastructure

Hosting your QuickBooks in the Cloud reduces dependencies on the in-house IT infrastructure. Instead of having to install QuickBooks on individual workstations and then create space on the in-house server to back up the QuickBooks files, Cloud Hosted QuickBooks for Non-Profitsusers access their QuickBooks file through a simple Internet connection. This can mean less wear and tear on their internal systems. Instead of running all of the QuickBooks processes off of a CPU, all of it is done in the Cloud. If a workstation or a server crashes in-house, running QuickBooks in the Cloud reduces downtime since you can still access all of your files via a computer with an active Internet connection. Since money runs tight in the non-profit sector, getting more mileage out of current computers and servers is a huge benefit.

Inherent Back-Up Disaster Recovery

Gone are the days of rooms of filing cabinets filled with receipts, records, and other important documents. The majority of data is now stored digitally. Unfortunately, many non-profits do not enjoy the same technological advancements in data storage and security as for-profit entities. Some non-profits rely on an external hard drive to back up their internal servers, while others may still use tape backups. With these types of back-ups, making copies of data needs to be done manually, and therefore might not get done every day. With a Hosted QuickBooks Solution, automatic back-ups are performed and stored in the Cloud. In the event that the organization loses power or suffers damage from a fire or other event, the financial data remains secure and untouched, without having to implement an additional file back-up system.

Fewer IT Visits

With less wear and tear on computer workstations and servers, you won’t have to call for IT support as often. Fewer visits means less money the organization has to spend on IT upkeep and maintenance.

When you host your QuickBooks in the Cloud, the provider monitors the system to ensure it runs with 99.9% up-time. If a problem does arise, the QuickBooks provider is able to fix the problem remotely without the need for a costly and time-consuming on-site visit.

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