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The CEO's Guide to Keeping Score

When you’re ready to make the pivot from being a reactive to a proactive business leader, there are a number of questions that your scorecards and reports should be able to answer.

The CEOs Guide to Keeping Score provides a framework for measuring and monitoring your leading indicators, and helps you learn how to read your KPIs to make data driven decisions.

You'll get insights into the Strategic CEO’s brain and key areas of business that are all interconnected:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Clients & Services
  • People & Operations
  • Cash & Finance

Learn how reports, KPIs, scorecards, and dashboards drive performance, profitability, and growth for your business!

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The Big Picture

How can I better use my resources to make more money, yield more profit, and take my business to the next level?

Getting Started

Keeping Score advocates for a proactive form of accounting to give managers better visibility into the true cost of work allowing accurate price quotes on proposals to make more money on each job. 


The CEO Brain 5 Segments, Relevant Scorecards & KPIs

No matter the scale by segmenting the CEO brain with relevant data, leaders can manage their teams with actionable information to identify drivers of their business.